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Blossom & Branch Colorado Flower Farm Affiliate

Organic, No-Till Vegetable Gardening Course

Learn the essentials of vegetable gardening with a special focus on composting, succession planting and winter gardening.

From the desk of Dan Oostenbrink
January 1, 2022

In December we put the finishing touches on our 2022 gardening course curriculum. We’ve begun filming the first videos focussed on the soil food web, composting and designing the physical layout of your garden. We will continue filming and releasing content through the spring and summer of next year.

Our intention is to take gardeners through an entire growing season for us here in the Fraser Valley of BC (Zone 7), also known to our American friends as the Pacific Northwest.

Dan & Helen

For growers in our region, we will walk you through what you need to be doing in real-time as the season progresses. This said, the principles we outline are applicable to all growing zones; only the timing of the steps will differ.

Our 2022 course offering will be far more comprehensive than 2021’s and will include ongoing Q&A support from Andrew, Jack and myself through the members’ discussion forum, as well as monthly interactive webinars from next spring.

Our mission at LHG is to empower home and market gardeners with the knowledge and support they need to achieve greater food security. This is all the more important at this juncture as I believe we’re entering into a period of rising food costs, ongoing supply disruptions and shortages in the coming years. A few recent headlines are a preview of some of the likely challenges ahead.

I believe that achieving personal and regional food security is more urgent now than it has been since WWII.

If you have family or friends with an interest in gardening, there is also a gift option. If you select this option, we will send an email to your gift recipient(s) on the date you nominate with your personal message and instructions on how to register for the members’ area. They will have full access to the 2022 course content as it becomes available (five videos have been released so far), access to the members’ discussion forum and Q&A support through our Zoom meetings.

You are covered by our eight week, no questions asked, full money-back guarantee should you or your gift recipient(s) decide that it’s not for you or them.

I hope that you and your loved ones will join us on this journey to create personal and regional food security for our world.

Kind regards,

Dan Oostenbrink sig

Video Overview of 2022 Course
Dan, Andrew and Jack provide a summary of what you can expect from the new course including:

  1. The three types of compost, how to build them and/or identify good compost if plan to buy it
  2. Growing plants for seed to ensure food-security
  3. We will provide personal support through the community forum and regular Q&A Zoom meetings
  4. We will showcase a variety of growing situations: from balcony container growing, to a couple of beds, to a home garden feeding a family
  5. We also plan to follow a brand-new one acre market garden through its growing pains and steps of an entire first season
  6. Our content releases will occur throughout the growing season and will be timely and seasonally adapted to the Pacific Northwest
  7. Our objective is to provide greater food security for all through local home and market gardens.

From the desk of Damien Dupont
Gardening Community Facilitator
January 01, 2022

Our 2022 gardening course is intended for both beginner and advanced home gardeners looking to gain food self-sufficiency either in your yard or through container growing.

Dan has a large home garden alongside his market garden. This course is created with home gardeners in mind but also includes content that is relevant to market gardeners and for people who want to learn more about regenerative agriculture.

The following is an outline of the 2022 course structure:

Three experts will guide you through LHG’s 2022 course curriculum:


Your primary instructor is Dan, market gardener at Local Harvest.

Dan will help you gain confidence in the garden. He’s passionate about organic growing and gives a practical, no-nonsense approach for gardening that maximizes your garden’s productivity.


Andrew Couzens, a local composting expert at Terra Flora Soilworks, will supply expert guidance on soil health. He will go into detail on the best composting practices including Bokashi (anaerobic), thermophilic and vermicomposting so you can build phenomenal soil fertility, the foundation of great gardening.


Jack, an edible landscape designer and owner of Fruits and Shoots — a boutique garden nursery in Chilliwack, BC — will guide us along the way as we convert our growing space into a beautiful and productive garden.

Free Preview: 7-part No-till Gardening eCourse

Growing Celery

How to grow the best organic celery

Growing Blackberry

Growing thornless blackberry

Seeding cauliflower

Seeding for a year-round harvest: succession planting & overwinter gardening

Create a fertile garden

5 steps to convert a lawn or paved area into a fertile garden

The free e-course is comprised of seven videos recorded during the months of July & August 2021 on our Chilliwack farm in the Pacific North West.

You’ll receive a new video delivered to your inbox every four days. You can unsubscribe at any time.

We respect your email privacy

Growing Onions

Growing onions & characteristics of different varieties

Bokashi composting

Bokashi (anaerobic) composting


Seeding and growing French beans (& what’s essential when growing legumes)

Our intention is to take growers step-by-step through each season of an entire year. We will guide and support participants year-round by addressing individual questions through our members’ discussion forum, as well as through our monthly Q&A webinars (March-October). Our hand-holding will include those who might be in other growing regions with different soil types.

Our aim is to equip gardeners so you can make good decisions in your own context and build confidence to stand on your own two feet for future growing seasons. The principles we share are applicable to all growing regions; they will work with nature and your indigenous biology.

Fireside Chat – Why Garden?

Jack, Dan and Andrew sat down fireside in December 2021 to ask the question: Why Garden?

Growing healthy food is the most pleasurable thing we can do and it’s a way to reclaim our independence. There is no better activity than gardening to simultaneously promote human health, restore vibrancy to our abused earth, and bring new energy into our lives and hope to our communities.    ~ Dan

100% Unconditional 8 Week / 56 Day Money Back Guarantee

We believe the value and personal support we are offering here goes well beyond any comparable course on the market. This said, if you are at all unsatisfied or feel that the content doesn’t suit your needs, simply contact us within 8 weeks of your purchase and we’ll gladly refund your membership fee with no questions asked. This guarantee provides peace of mind for both ourselves and you, and removes any risk whatsoever.

All course proceeds are directly used to fund farming operations here at Local Harvest and to build great soil as we work to grow a food secure community where every citizen has access to healthy food.

When you join, you’ll immediately receive an automated confirmation email which includes a link to our registration page where you’ll be able to select your username and password. You’ll then have instant access to the members’ area and the five 2022 course videos released to date.

Whilst you — or your gift recipient — will have indefinite access to the 2022 material, after the initial 12 months, course participants have the option to maintain access to the members’ forum and monthly (March-Oct) Q&A webinars for a small maintenance fee of $7/mo (recurring) or $77/yr (single payment). We provide personal, ongoing support as needed, so this will allow gardeners to continue to post questions on the forum for Dan, Andrew, Jack or myself to answer.

I look forward to welcoming you into our community.



Blossom & Branch Colorado Flower Farm

Questions can be directed to Dan or myself via the contact form.

Not sure if this course is for you? Sign up for our free 7-part eCourse to sample our material.

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Andrew Couzens is a software engineer turned soil scientist.

A life long sufferer with inflammatory bowel disease, he was motivated to enter the agricultural space in an effort to “be the change” he believed was necessary to heal his own body.

Healthy plants come from healthy soil, and healthy soil comes from working with nature, not against it.

Leveraging his knowledge and experience in software engineering, he started Terra Flora Organics with a goal of helping conventional growers move from unsustainable practices that destroy soil and negatively affect the health of people and the planet, to regenerative practices that allow intensive farming whilst building soil and healing our minds and our bodies.

Andrew Couzens