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No-till Gardening free e-course video #3

Seeding for a year-round harvest (11:22)

In this video farmer Dan covers…
– Succession planting: how to seed successively throughout the growing season for a year-round continuous harvest
– How to do season extension
– How to grow for the next year: overwinter gardening.

Dan uses cauliflower to illustrate achieving all three aims, but the same principles apply to many other vegetables.

The Terra Flora Organics living soil that Dan mentions at the 2:30 mark is available in our market as well as online at

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Free 7 part No-till Gardening eCourse

Growing Celery

How to grow the best organic celery

Growing Blackberry

Growing thornless blackberry

Seeding cauliflower

Seeding for a year-round harvest: succession planting & overwinter gardening

Create a fertile garden

5 steps to convert a lawn or paved area into a fertile garden

The free e-course is comprised of seven videos recorded during the months of July & August 2021 on our Chilliwack farm in the Pacific North West.

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Growing Onions

Growing onions & characteristics of different varieties

Bokashi composting

Bokashi (anaerobic) composting


Seeding and growing French beans (& what’s essential when growing legumes)

The Local Harvest Mission & Vision

Local Harvest Vision

Andrew Couzens is a software engineer turned soil scientist.

A life long sufferer with inflammatory bowel disease, he was motivated to enter the agricultural space in an effort to “be the change” he believed was necessary to heal his own body.

Healthy plants come from healthy soil, and healthy soil comes from working with nature, not against it.

Leveraging his knowledge and experience in software engineering, he started Terra Flora Organics with a goal of helping conventional growers move from unsustainable practices that destroy soil and negatively affect the health of people and the planet, to regenerative practices that allow intensive farming whilst building soil and healing our minds and our bodies.

Andrew Couzens