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Let's get to know each other a little better.
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My name is Kristie Braaksma.
My family and I just moved to Chilliwack in November, which allowed us to establish some gardens. I had tried for 2 years prior to grow some veggies, but just felt like I was floundering in the dark, really having no idea what to do or how to get a good yield, so my successes were very hit and miss.
I started following Local Harvest on Instagram and quickly also followed TerraFlora and Fruits and Shoots, watching and reading everything I could find from all accounts, posts, stories, YouTube videos, and etc.
I’m a mom to 5 and currently homeschool 3 of them while the other 2 youngers run around in the midst of it all, so they all watched and learned along with me as part of their schooling (things that should be taught in school anyway).
We also all watched The Biggest Little Farm and Kiss the Ground and for the first time I felt like I started understanding soil.
Prior to that I just thought dirt was dirt and adding in some worm castings just gave everything a boost.

I saw you guys offered this gardening course and immediately knew it would be amazing information, but had other things to prioritize first, so I just kept learning anyway I could, coming to in person events you held, planning a homeschool field trip with Andrew, visiting Fruits and Shoots, getting a hungry bin going, etc., and it’s all been so incredibly valuable, so a huge THANK YOU to all you so generously provide - it has seriously changed the game for my little family and I finally feel like someone turned the light on!
Our goal is to grow enough food to feed our family with enough to sustain us for the year on our small subdivision lot, and inspire our neighbors to do the same… and thanks to all I’ve learned so far through you all, we’re on our way to that goal.
I was just gifted this course for my birthday and am literally giddy about being here, so thank you for this opportunity to continue to learn and for all the time, energy, and resources that have been poured into it!!
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Thanks for joining!

As a local you'll be able to benefit from the opportunity to visit and observe the growing that happens at Local Harvest and Fruits and Shoots. Participants in the gardening course are more than welcome to check out the gardens.

Enjoy the course!
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