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Hi Guys,

We are gardening in an in ground greenhouse designed to run year round with supplemental heat. Due to the more south Eastward exposure of the mountain we are on, the back wall half is losing most of its direct sunlight by noon-2pm. We are considering supplementing with grow lights to combat this and to aid the winter growing as well. I’ve got a 75 foot long grow room so a LOT of lights could be needed. What would your suggestions be for lights that are well suited for growing veggies and fruits. I wonder how wide I could space them to have good coverage but avoid purchasing 20 lights? Thanks for any tips you could offer.

jack oostenbrink
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Hi Duane unfortunately most of my experience is with outdoor growing. but we do start our seedlings under lights in early spring, We used a full spectrum LED grow light in one section and LED strip lighting in another. The more expensive full spectrum lights that we used gave better and stockier plants. and more more light is better. (Full spectrum has light that runs through from the blue tones right through to the red tones) The quality of the light is important and what you put in will be what you get out.
One thing you can do to enhance the light that you do have is to use light coloured materials or white paint on the surfaces. I presume the end wall that you are referring to is against an earthern or rock wall and if you can have that wall reflect any light back into the greenhouse rather then absorbing it you will have less light wasted.
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