Wood chipping

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In one of the vignette's, Jack talks about how he chipped a bunch of his tree pruning and then put the chips on top of the garden beds. What was the chipping machine used to get the chips so fine? Thanks.
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I used a chipper called a BearCat from Echo. The fine chips is probably it's best feature. I struggle with any larger branches especially if they are forked since the feeder chute is fairly small so everything needs to be chopped up by hand to make it slim enough to fit through the feeder. A second downside is the output chute is directed downward about 6" from the ground so one constantly needs to remove the growing pile of chips to prevent the machine from clogging.
About chipping in general; you will be surprised at how few chips you actually get from a large pile of branches so unless you have a fair bit of clipping to do every year don't expect a lot of wood mulch for the garden.
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