Boulevard Potatoes

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I have a narrow boulevard strip in the front of my property. I have some Blueberries and Raspberries in for a portion and had 16 feet of empty space. I did not prep the soil at all but placed the potatoes out and just covered with 4" of compost. Kept that topped with more compost as they grew. They did OK outside of a lack of water maybe. After combing them out with my hands (nice compost) I planted clover after as I did not have anything for succession planting ready. In the spring I cut the clover at the ground and covered that with cardboard and a few more inches of Andrew's topping compost. When I planted the potatoes a month later I did cut through the cardboard as it was still not broken down (the clover had been broken down though) and set the potatoes in the compost below. They did a bit better with more watering but still not enough water.

I have heard the potatoes will grew ok with pretty much any mulch topping them. I might see about getting grass clippings from the neighbours for topping my potatoes next year. I will have to do another location though as the boulevard strip got a fall planting of garlic bulbils to see if that works. I didn't manage to get the scapes in time and they were almost to seed when I pulled them so I have planted garlic cloves in my usual garlic bed and am testing garlic bulbils in the boulevard. With two years of potatoes in compost, the soil in the bed is quite nice. So next potato patch, which will be new to growing food and is currently a weed zone, I am just going to try mulching them in to see how that goes.
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