Sweet potatoes in winter, inside

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Hi all,
I've brought in a couple of pots with sweet potatoes to see if I might be able to keep them happy enough to overwinter indoors. They did not grow sufficiently to produce tubers of any size this year (we're light-limited in my area, even in shade-free spots). I have a half-hearted grow-light set up, as in I refuse to buy another bit of gear so am asking a lot of plants to share one light. It's a cost-free trial, just seeing how we make it through. Last year, it worked for lemongrass :)

Anybody else have any suggestions? Did you find it better to keep rooted cuttings in water or plants in soil, to keep sweet potatoes going?

jack oostenbrink
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I think you will have success this way, though the plants will be on the weak side as they come out of winter. I had better success with rooted plants in soil then those in water.
By the way, we did manage to get abundant harvest of tubers from our potted sweet potatoes done in large 25 gallon pots. The only thing that I learned too late was that the bulbs must be cured in a high heat and high humidity environment or they spoil quickly and lack somewhat in sweetness
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