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Funny that this is the one empty Topic. Now I am no expert her at all but with the cold late spring here on the coast and the looong dry summer, followed by a late fall, I see the need but also now with the influence Humans have had on all things natural. What do we use as a measuring stick?

I did recently pick up a rain gauge before the first atmospheric river came in so I could get a feel for what the numbers meant.

So for record keeping, I guess it is open but I imagine it is tied pretty closely to the planting calendar, with sowing and planting dates. I can see recording what species did well and what sucked as well as other things like pests or bolting.

I guess I need more guidance. (maybe that is in a module I have not viewed yet playing catch up now)
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The main things to keep in mind with record keeping:

Despite having extreme seasonal weather, vegetables tend to revert to the average and their performance doesn't change remarkably from year to year (all other things being kept equal). For example, our winter carrots are around 10-15% larger than other years despite our extremely warm and sunny fall.

Record planting dates and harvest dates (seeding / transplanting)
Record variety names
Repeat the things that work, but don't entirely give up on the things that didn't. In gardening, nothing is constant.
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