Fine black dust on garlic

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Fine black dust on garlic

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I'm finding a lot of my garlic has a touch of black dust on the skins, sounds like it's likely aspergillus. Is it still safe to use if it's not on the garlic cloves themselves? Do you still use them? I'm reading some pretty conflicting advice. I'm planning to make garlic confit and garlic powder while the cloves are still healthy and pungent
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Re: Fine black dust on garlic

Post by Danoost »

Hi. On some varieties of onions planted on certain parts of our farm, I've found this black dust. I've never had it on garlic. In general I haven't found it on healthy strong plants.

To answer your question: yes, I would still use the garlic as seed. This fungus exists on your farm and it'll find it's way back to any garlic that you plant regardless. Your job is to provide the best growing environment for your garlic and allow the plants and other soil microbes to combat the fungus. Plant in good draining soil, mulch and feed soil microbes throughout the growing season, don't overwater.

I would love you to report back to this thread when your garlic matures.
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