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Let's get to know each other a little better.
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Lana Mitchell says...

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Helloooo...I'm so excited! Blueberry hedges underplanted with lavender, daisies, coreopsis and echinacea. Espalier apple trees as a fence. Raspberry rows and thornless blackberries. Clove currants, elderberry bushes, bay laurel and herbs galore. Green gage plum, red pear and Asian pear trees. Roses and 3 lovely spaced fence panels loaded with boxes of hanging strawberries grown vertically so my beautiful Great Dane/Burmese Daphne doesn't eat every single one. Four 12x4x3 raised beds with cattle panel arches between for all the veg I can MANAGE. And SO MANY SWEET PEAS!!

I've been building our garden for 3 years since moving to Chilliwack 4 years ago. We have all of these plants with the exception of the raspberries. Half of them are now deceased due to my lack of knowledge and me waiting to make the RIGHT plan to where to plant in the ground...and that HEAT WAVE OMG. There are a few things i would love to add to the list. Hardy kiwis, kumquats and key limes. My minimal knowledge of gardening comes from my young years of summers spent with my Gamma in her backyard with Brian Minter on the radio. Fish fertilizer and the magic of seeds. The last few years i have just been copying anything that I knew Dan does at Local Harvest (where I am so lucky to shop at weekly). I then started following Jack as I saw him post a video on how to espalier apple tress...which I promptly did with my 3 trees but they are in make shift half barrels (back to making the permanent plan). I've met Andrew, asked him lots of questions, use biochar (still don't know why lol). I've made 2 bins of compost that I haven't looked at in a year. Bugs insects worms creepy things spiders NOT MY JAM. We filled our beds with the hugelkultur method and topped it with compost from local harvest. I started seeds last year with heating matts and lights and grew them in Andrews magic compost. I haven't been in the garden since August due to health reasons and its loaded with cabbages kale carrots onions leeks all covered in snow.

I feel like having this knowledge, from these amazing teachers, will change my life dramatically for the better physically and mentally. I really look forward to making friends with everyone.
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Welcome!! Chilliwack really is a great place to live :)
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