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I would love to get some input from other course members. How are ya'll getting your beds ready for planting this year? I'm especially interested in hearing how you're dealing with especially weedy patches. I have the big job ahead of me of managing a small market garden this year - it's currently covered in weeds :shock:
Happy to hear any and all input!
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I spy buttercup so I'm keen to see the answers you receive from others...

I also see chickweed, I think, which makes me wonder: do you have a local buddy who has a few chickens who might spend a few days on your patch? They can take care of some of the greenery, eat weed seeds, and scratch up the very top layer. Then it will be easier to cover up the remainder of weakened plants.

Right now, I'm covering up beds with post-chicken straw or leaves in thick layers. I'm using cardboard (sans tape remnants) on the outer edges of the garden space too, to keep creeping grasses at bay; one perk of the wet winters here is that the boxes break down so rapidly that it's not an issue if they cover part of a path and part of a growing bed because it's easy to plant right through them after a couple of months.
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my garden had similar sections of weed invasion last year :shock: that ends this year im doing the full wood chip multch this year... at planting time, ive started putting the multch down on all the walkways for now. so give that a try, so they stop before they start!
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I'm going to address this in an upcoming zoom meeting.
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