Can I do no dig without making compost?

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Can I do no dig without making compost?

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Is it possible to grow vegetables by simply adding layers of material such as old hay, composted manure, and seaweed to the garden in the fall, planting seeds and seedlings in that and continuing to add layers of hay, seaweed and manure throughout the growing season?

Another way I guess to ask this question is to say: Can I seriously expect to be successful with the no dig method if I am not making compost, hot or cold, or bokashi or growing worms etc ?

I have limited time, and plenty of the materials mentioned to work with so I am hoping I can still get something going. Had fairly good results with the potatoes last year and know where I may have gone wrong (with the advice I received here). This year (next month) I would like to plant my seedlings in this way as well.

(I am in Nova Scotia so plant time is later!)
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Re: Can I do no dig without making compost?

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I think it is possible but mulching with very raw, un-composted materials can introduce some problems. It could introduce mold and slime and invite creatures like slugs that are attracted to these environment. You could try layering with less materials.

Still, it's worth a try and I encourage you to go ahead. The principle, "cover the ground with decaying plant material" must be followed. You have the resources available and you have some time before the plants go in the ground.

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