Advice for garlic patch

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Advice for garlic patch

Post by Lindsaywilkins6 »

Hi all,

I'm hoping to plant one or more large garlic patches and sell garlic to help offset our high property taxes. Our land is incredibly rocky as it was once underwater and we have clay soil. I was planning to excavate a section of our lawn into a garden bed. I will fill it with compost and as much native soil as I can sift back in. Does that sound like a decent plan? Would digging down a foot suffice and then uses a broad fork to break up the soil below work or can I go shorter because garlic isn't too deep? That's what I've done in my cut flower bed but this is the first year. I could wait until summer to clear the land (closer to October) or do this sooner and plant another crop until October (squash would be convenient) to start building the soil.

If you have any specific advice on how to get the best first crop of garlic with soil amendments, please let me know. I was planning to use vermicompost. Really hoping to get some big bulbs next year.

Thank you so so much!

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Re: Advice for garlic patch

Post by Danoost »

It's difficult to give advice without actually being there.

I suggest you cover the rocky area with 3-6 inches of compost without digging out the rocky material. Rocky ground under your finer growing medium poses no threat for no tillers unless you're growing carrots or parsnips.

We've covered up existing hardpacked driveways of straight rock with compost and grow quite successfully in these areas. You're dealing with a less serious situation where you have rock mixed with soil.

After layering compost I'd grow a deep-rooting cover crop of oats, barley, or rye. Squash will get you a monetary return but doesn't have the depth of root you'd get from a cereal cover. Terminating the cover crop will be your only challenge.

At planting time, dump 1 tablespoon of vermicomposting in the hole with the garlic.
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