chitting potatoes in a worm bin

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jack oostenbrink
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If you need a quick way to activate your potatoes and to develop roots and shoots in about a week, place them in your worm bin, I found this out by accident when I noticed potato peels from our kitchen waste had sprouted in the bin. Generally when I chit potatoes they form reluctant shoots without roots over a period of 2-4 weeks. In the worm bin they will throw out storng shoots and roots in about a week.
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I am trying this right now. What a happy accident! Excited to get chitting this way.
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YES!!! I placed 3 of my seed potatoes in my worm bin also. They originally had about 1" little stem things growing but not any roots. They bursted into 4" white long roots in 2 weeks time. Planted them in a potato bag and added hand fulls of the vermicompost, like lasagna style, in the pot as well to keep a good thing going :) So great!
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