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Welcome and thank you for joining the No-Till Gardening Course

If you’re new here, we recommend that you begin by watching our two course introduction videos. After watching the introduction videos, watch the course modules, a series of videos that focus on the guiding principles of no-till gardening.

The No-Till Gardening Course content is delivered in three ways (click to jump to each section):

Course Video Modules

Each module will focus on one big idea in gardening. These videos will mostly answer the question, “Why does no-till gardening work so well.”

Click here to navigate to the Course Modules page.

Video Vignettes

For Home Gardeners

These videos will provide you with practical illustrations of how to get your no-till garden established. Here we answer the question, “How does no-till gardening work.” We are regularly adding vignettes throughout the growing season. If you’re receiving our member emails, you’ll be informed every time we add a new video.

Click here to navigate to the Home Gardener Vignettes page.

For Market Gardeners

Growing salad green for market
We also occassionally post videos for those who are, or intend, to grow commercially.

Click here to navigate to the Content for Market Gardeners page.

Webinars (Q&A Zoom Meetings)

The Zoom meetings are to answer your questions and clarify any course content you may be struggling with. The webinars are often thematic and go into detail on specific topics such as Mulching vs Composting, or Direct Seeding vs Transplanting. All Zoom meetings are recorded for later review.

Dan and Andrew held weekly webinars through March, April and May 2021. From June to September, webinars will be held on the second Monday of each month at 6pm Pacific time.

Click here to navigate to the webinars’ page
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Andrew Couzens is a software engineer turned soil scientist.

A life long sufferer with inflammatory bowel disease, he was motivated to enter the agricultural space in an effort to “be the change” he believed was necessary to heal his own body.

Healthy plants come from healthy soil, and healthy soil comes from working with nature, not against it.

Leveraging his knowledge and experience in software engineering, he started Terra Flora Organics with a goal of helping conventional growers move from unsustainable practices that destroy soil and negatively affect the health of people and the planet, to regenerative practices that allow intensive farming whilst building soil and healing our minds and our bodies.

Andrew Couzens