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Setting Yourself Up For Success For The 2022 Gardening Season

Choose one of three on-farm, in-person course dates: September 11, 18 or 25

Most people start thinking about gardening in the spring, but there is no time like autumn to prepare your garden for next year’s growing season. Here at Local Harvest, the fall is a busy time.

We’re busy seeding for a fall and winter harvest. New areas are being made ready for spring seeding. Cover crops are sown. Mulch is spread around existing crops.

And perhaps, most importantly, compost is being made to nourish future crops.

In this six hour in-person course we’re going to help you get set up for success in next year’s garden.


We’ll touch on the basic principles of no-till, permaculture gardening and give you tried and proven methods for building soil fertility, improving yields, reducing pests and eliminating weeds. We’ll tour the farm to give context and provide real-life examples.

Your passionate and entertaining course instructors are Dan Oostenbrink and Andrew Couzens. Both bring tremendous expertise to the gardening world.

Here’s what we are going to cover in these sessions:


These on-farm sessions will go from 9am to 3pm with a 30 min. break. You can bring your own lunch or purchase a wood-fired pizza in our market.

The course will be held three times during the month of September, with a maximum of 20 participants per session. Available sessions will be removed once we reach capacity for each date.

Our farm and market are at 7697 Lickman Road, Chilliwack, BC V2R 4A7.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.



P.S. Further info on what you will learn has been posted by farmer Dan at

Three on-farm course dates are available

Maximum 20 participants per date
$ 97
  • Closed: Saturday, September 11
  • Closed: Saturday, September 18
  • Saturday, September 25, 9am-3pm
$97 CAD
Local Harvest Farm

The Local Harvest Mission & Vision

Local Harvest Vision

Andrew Couzens is a software engineer turned soil scientist.

A life long sufferer with inflammatory bowel disease, he was motivated to enter the agricultural space in an effort to “be the change” he believed was necessary to heal his own body.

Healthy plants come from healthy soil, and healthy soil comes from working with nature, not against it.

Leveraging his knowledge and experience in software engineering, he started Terra Flora Organics with a goal of helping conventional growers move from unsustainable practices that destroy soil and negatively affect the health of people and the planet, to regenerative practices that allow intensive farming whilst building soil and healing our minds and our bodies.

Andrew Couzens