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Do you have suggestions for getting rid of flea beetles that have invaded the beds in my greenhouse?
The flea beetles were there last year as well, but once the tomatoes were established the beetles were just an annoyance. With the weather this year, my tomatoes are off to a much slower start and the damage is more concerning. I have not yet transferred the tomatoes to the beds so I could cover the beds, try drowning the beetles and larvae, etc. (The tomatoes are still in containers, but I put the containers on the beds and the flea beetles invited themselves to the buffet. I am trying to keep the tomatoes away by putting them on higher shelves for now.)
My Google search for suggestions was not that helpful. Last year I tried insecticidal soap, but that only kills on direct contact. Squishing them by hand is satisfying, but not that efficient. Usually we have multiple wasp nests in the greenhouse but not so far this year. I am wondering if the wasps are a predator?
Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Unfortunately, I don't have any remedies for this pest. Our biggest issue with flea beetle is on our mustard salad mixes, radishes and arugula when the days get warmer. By summer we move away from mustards, arugula, and brassicas choosing instead to grow other greens that don't attract the beetle.

Some people use row cover but that can be cumbersome if you're trying to cover larger plants. Once the tomato takes off, however, the beetle will be a minor issue to the plant.
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