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My plum trees did not produce last year. I think the problem was that we had so many caterpillars eating the tree bare. Is there anything I can do now to prevent this?
jack oostenbrink
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It is quite common for European plums like prune plum or Green Gage to take a rest on alternate years (though usually there is a reduced crop not a nonexistent crop). In addition to that we had a very cool moist spring which may have affected the fruit set for your plums and reduced pollination.

At this time of year you are limited to controlling overwintering pests by applying dormant oil to the bare trees. Also, clean up the fallen leaves and ruffle the soil or mulch around the trees to disturb overwintering pests

I suspect you may have had a case of pear sawfly infestation on the leaves. They look like miniature black slugs and quickly defoliate the tree. We found last year to be a particularly bad year for them. The best non chemical control for them when they are on tree is to use a hose and high pressure to blast them off.
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