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Welcome to the Local Harvest Gardening (LHG) community forum.

This forum is publicly viewable to the world and will be indexed by search engines including Google, but only our paid LHG members are entitled to post here.

Both the members' area and this forum have automated "lost password" features. So if ever you have trouble logging in, before emailing support please refer first to the Login/Technical FAQs at https://localharvestgardening.com/faq#login-faq

Your username will be shown on your posts. So if you have any privacy concerns and wish to change your username, you will need to send me an email via https://localharvestgardening.com/contact

This forum is our main community hang-out. If you have any questions relating to the course material or your gardening exploits, feel free to post them under the relevant section linked from the forum homepage. The answers that Dan, Andrew, Jack or other experienced LHG community gardeners provide to your questions will help to build this forum into a valuable knowledge base and reference centre.

To create a post, first navigate to the relevant forum or subforum and click the “New Topic” button.

For example, if you have a question about growing grapes, you’d navigate to the “Shrubs & Vines” forum, and from there the Grapes subforum. If your question related to a vine for which there is no pre-existing subforum, then simply scroll to the bottom of the top-level “Shrubs & Vines” forum and click the “New Topic” button to post within the parent forum.

If we’ve missed a crop/topic that you think deserves its own subforum, just say so and I can always later create it and move relevant posts to the new subforum.

Adding files & photos to posts
You can add images to your posts via the “Attachments” tab at the bottom of the post editor page. However, the filesize is currently limited to 450 KB, which is significantly smaller than the standard high-res photo taken on a phone. To resize, you can upload your original photo to an online tool such as https://compressimage.toolur.com

Toolur includes a lot of options, but the basic usage at their default 70% image quality is probably all you need:

1. Click “Upload images”
2. Click “Compress images”

It’ll show you the new filesize under the “Compress images” button, e.g. Successfully compressed from 5.8 MB to 414.1 KB

If it’s still above 450 KB, simply drop the image quality from the default 70% to 65% and click “Compress images” again. Once you have a filesize below 450 KB, download it to your computer and add it to your forum post.

Uploading Files
For security reasons (hacking vulnerabilities), the phpBB forum limits the types of files that can be uploaded. For example, it won't let admins or users upload pdf files or Excel spreadsheets.

Two solutions:
1. Best Option: Zip the file so it has a .zip extension, then you'll be able to upload it if it is under 450k

2. Fallback Option: Email the file to localharvestgardening -- at -- gmail.com and I'll manually upload it to the server and will reply to you with the hyperlink.

That's about it for forum usage essentials. If you haven't already, feel free to navigate to the Introductions' forum, hit the “New Topic” link and share a little about yourself.

Thank you for being a part of our community.


Damien Dupont


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