How to Grow Great Onions from Seed

Spring is just around the corner and we’re emerging from hibernation. Within a few weeks, we hope to release the details of our 2023 course structure, monthly Zoom webinar topics and schedule. Dan and Jack are putting the final touches on that, and I’ll update our website and send an email to our members and free e-course subscribers once they’re done.

While we will be creating new evergreen core content for 2023, Dan and Jack hope to pivot to more regular, seasonally adapted “what you can do in your garden now” video releases. We’re located in the Pacific Northwest, however many of the same principles will apply to other temperate regions with adjusted timing.

In the vein of “what you can do in your garden now,” Dan’s first video shows mid-March onion seeding in a 72-cell tray, intended for transplanting within 7-8 weeks. We had a teething issue with getting his microphone to connect, so the sound quality on this one is subpar – my apologies for that. As this one is the first, I’m releasing it for public viewing.

Dan recommends open-pollinated seed varieties, and the two he mentions in this video are:

  1. Rossa di Milano
  2. Walla Walla

He also mentioned the Hamilton onion, which is a hybrid. Calibra is another great variety of yellow onion that he likes, also a hybrid.

  1. Calibra (Canada, West Coast Seeds)
  2. Calibra (USA, Osborne Seeds)
  3. Hamilton untreated (USA, Osborne Seeds)

If you prefer to avoid transplanting and wish to direct seed, you could do so from mid-April to early May. The main drawback will be a slightly smaller onion. For more information on the pros and cons of transplanting versus direct seeding onions, you can refer to Dan’s blog post from last year: Direct Sowing your Onions in April. That article also includes tips on onion spacing, watering, harvesting & drying, and there’s a video beneath it as well. Enjoy!

Video length: 6:04

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